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Fall 2019

Imouto No Sailor Fuku O Nugasanaide The Motion Anime

Survive More
1 episodes · Movie Completed 妹のセーラー服を脱がさないで The Motion Anime

Circle “Lyric Box” original CG collection “Don’t take off your sister’s sailor suit” has been made into a motion animation! !!
Practicality is increased by 150% by making it into a motion animation! It moves sensually! !!

About 10 years ago
My brother came into my bed
He began to touch his body.

Play with each other at first
It felt like I was playing,
Someday, I put my hand in my pajamas,
Rubbing between his crotch …

My brother’s mischief
It gradually escalated.

妹のセーラー服を脱がさないで The Motion Anime, Imouto No Sailor Fuku O Nugasanaide The Motion Anime

Jimime na Jijo-san no Oshigoto Sex ~Ojou-sama ni Kawatte Oaite Shimasu~ The Motion Anime

1 episodes · Movie Completed 地味めな侍女さんのお仕事セックス~お嬢様に代わってお相手します~ The Motion Anime

“Jimime na Jijo-san no Oshigoto Sex ~Ojou-sama ni Kawatte Oaite Shimasu~ The Motion Anime” is an animated manga series based on the eponymous novel from the Studio Appetite. In September 2019, Survive with the direct support of Appetite published this work. Action hentai unfolding in our days somewhere in Japanese province.

The main character is Asato hentai Fujimiya becomes the bridegroom pure and innocent daughter of a wealthy merchant Kotohime Kotova. Soon they should have a wedding, but according to the strict laws of the bride’s family, she must be immaculate until the wedding. To ease the accumulated sexual tension of his fiance Kotohime offers to fuck him his faithful maid Dongfeng Sayuri, who is a pretty sexy quiet and submissive woman. Asato soon realizes that even married he will never be able to forget juicy Tits and huge tight ass loyal maid. He tries to enjoy her body, but he gets it only part. Kotohime sees and understands that even after the wedding, she will be forced sometimes to allow him.

地味めな侍女さんのお仕事セックス~お嬢様に代わってお相手します~ The Motion Anime, Jimime na Jijo-san no Oshigoto Sex ~Ojou-sama ni Kawatte Oaite Shimasu~ The Motion Anime

Joshi Luck!

2 episodes · OVA Completed じょしラク!

Hentai is based on the eponymous manga “Girls Lacrosse Club” authored DISTANCE.

The main character of hentai is an ordinary Japanese boy Kuroda, who got a job in a private women’s Academy “Felinus Academy for Girls” as a physical education teacher and Lacrosse coach. However, in the first day he was in an awkward position when he wanted to win the respect of the girls and went into their locker room without knocking. Girls of course were shocked and simultaneously surprised. From this moment begins the sexual adventures of Kuroda Sensei and many beautiful and lustful high school girls.

“Are you ready for the consequences of Kuroda-Sensei?! After all, you saw us naked! We must restore justice!”.

じょしラク!, Joshi Luck!, 소녀 라쿠!

Shigokare: Ecchi na Joshi Daisei to Doki x2 Love Lesson!! The Animation

1 episodes · OVA Completed しごカレ ~エッチな女子大生とドキx2ラブレッスン!! THE ANIMATION

Studio Pink Pineapple announced the adaptation of the visual novel “Shigokare: Ecchi na JoshiDaisei todoke x2 Love Lesson!!”from the Studio “Atelier Kaguya Bare & Bunny”, which was released in September 2019. The first series is expected in late November 2019.

The protagonist of the story Suou Akira young Japanese boy who miraculously recovers from an incurable disease. However, he is still very weak and has not fully recovered, so he has a very reduced mental and physical ability. At this time, his Academy introduces an unexpectedly difficult exam, which Suow will never be able to pass and it threatens him with expulsion. On the advice of his doctor, the guy goes to the local women’s hostel to get acquainted with private Tutors. The girls see Suou as “potential” and force him to stay in their Dorm. And so begins a truly debauched adventures of our hero!

Shigokare: Ecchi na Joshi Daisei to Doki x2 Love Lesson!! The Animation, しごカレ ~エッチな女子大生とドキx2ラブレッスン!! THE ANIMATION, 시고카레 ~야한 여대생과 두근 x2 러브 레슨!!

Subarashiki Kokka no Kizukikata

2 episodes · OVA Completed 素晴らしき国家の築き方

Ariadne just became the princess of the small country Avon. But already it's in a deep financial crisis. In an effort to save the country she declares that Avon must focus on developing their sex industry.

素晴らしき国家の築き方, Subarashiki Kokka no Kizukikata, How to Build a Wonderful Nation, Subarashiki Kokka no Kizuki-kata, The Making of a Wonderful Nation, 좋은 나라를 만드는 법

XL Joushi.

Magic Bus
8 episodes · TV Completed XL Boss, XL上司。

With the hopes of making a bit of extra cash, office worker Saki Watase registers for a product review program. But when the first product her new part-time job sends her is a huge box of XL condoms, Saki decides to put the task to the side.

Later on, while at a drinking party with her coworkers—including her competent but infuriating "demon boss" Keisuke Sudou—Saki ends up drunk out of her mind, so Keisuke offers to escort her home. Upon their arrival at Saki's apartment, however, Keisuke immediately takes notice of his subordinate's substantial amount of XL condoms. When she explains the circumstances of her part time job, Keisuke offers to help out with the testing—revealing himself to be XL-sized!

XL Joushi., XL上司., XL Boss, XL 상사