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Spring 2023

Fushigi no Kuni no Succubus

? episodes · OVA Upcoming 不思議の国のサキュバス

The person who wandered into the Wonderland… becomes engulfed in giant breasts and writhes in agony♡
From the erotic “demon” comes a captivating succubus! The label partner for this time is the enchanting succubus manufacturing company, “Muni Koubou,” and their masterpiece doujin game, “Succubus of Wonderland,” is now an anime series!
With the buxom succubi as your partners, your semen is sure to be emptied! The anime original heroine’s voice actress speaks adorably, moans, and licks!

Fushigi no Kuni no Succubus, Succubus in Wonderland, むに工房, 不思議の国のサキュバス

Futei with… The Animation

1 episodes · OVA Completed 不貞 with... THE ANIMATION

Kaoru and Satsuki are a married couple who came on a hot spring trip to get away from the hustle and bustle of their home. However, they fall into a trap set by some sleazy guys who approach them and end up being continuously violated and impregnated all day long, leading to their downfall.

不貞 with… THE ANIMATION, Futei with… The Animation

Goblin no Suana

? episodes · OVA Ongoing ゴブリンの巣穴

I feel the goblin’s doppelganger wriggling inside my belly. Ah, my lord, I understand now. This is your blessing, isn’t it…?

The erotic “Demon” has brought in a top-quality goblin!! This time, the “Demon” label partner is… the king of extreme erotic fantasy games, “Peroperonchi~no”. The first installment of the animated adaptation of the epic doujin game “Goblin’s Nest”!!! The finest goblins will fulfill your desires as you embrace beautiful women with big and small breasts. The anime original heroine voice actors will speak cutely, moan, and give you an amazing slurping sensation!!

ゴブリンの巣穴, Goblin no Suana, Goblin Burrow

Ikumonogakari The Animation

Blue bread
2 episodes · OVA Upcoming いくものがかり The Animation

Japan was engulfed in a demographic crisis, forcing the government to implement the "Ikumonogakari" law, which permitted promiscuous sexual interactions among the people. They started doing practical and pedagogical activities on the lessons of sexual life and a partner's sexual fulfillment. The protagonists are young and inexperienced, so practical exercises will help them to improve their skills.

いくものがかり The Animation, Ikumonogakari The Animation


? episodes · OVA Upcoming 告白……

Bullying Gal relentlessly pushes the serious and cool beauty into a corner, but faces a counterattack!

“Indecent Innocence”
A clumsy Gal from the “gail fee · NÜR” label’s energetic girls appears! She is Hinano, who relentlessly bullies the serious and cool girl, Yua.
Despite her cuteness, Yua always struggles to fight back against Hinano’s bullying. However, Hinano has a secret: she is being developed in secret, with her immature body being explored in ways even her best friend doesn’t know about!
Hinano’s plump breasts are fondled and her hips are grasped as a holy hate rod is thrust inside of her in the name of secrecy, making the arrogant gal submissive and aroused!
What is her secret?
“The ‘Dripping Shyness’ of the bullying, arrogant, and clumsy Gal girl moistens her immature body at its source, and is both diligent and innocent!”
Experience the “burst of youthful energy” of serious and cool beauties from the impudent Gal girl – give it a try!

告白……, Kokuhaku…, さ~くる・ヘモグロビン

Maid Kyouiku: Botsuraku Kizoku Rurikawa Tsubaki The Animation

Studio 1st
? episodes · OVA Upcoming メイド教育。-没落貴族 瑠璃川椿- THE ANIMATION

The inescapable ecstasy that adorns the cute beauty!
The popular doujin series by Toro-gao Master Kyokucho has finally been made into an anime!
Tsubaki Rurikawa, the daughter of a fallen noble who was taken in as an exclusive maid by the aristocrat Poiman.
The peerless beauty who behaves bravely without losing her pride is tormented, defiled, and mercilessly engraved with unwanted ecstasy through “maid education”…
The jacket illustration is newly drawn by Kyokucho-sensei!

メイド教育. -没落貴族 瑠璃川椿- THE ANIMATION, Maid Kyouiku. Botsuraku Kizoku Rurikawa Tsubaki The Animation, 女仆教育。-没落贵族 瑠璃川椿- THE ANIMATION, Maid Education – Rurikawa Tsubaki The Fallen Noble – THE ANIMATION

Rakuen Shinshoku: Island of the Dead

2 episodes · OVA Upcoming 楽園侵触 Island of the dead

Tentacles of the Otherworldly Shine on Beautiful Females –
Based on the original work “Island of the Dead” (SYOKU), following its world view.
During a party at a luxurious resort hotel on a remote island in the open sea, sudden screams erupt.
Appearing before them are eerie beings parasitized by tentacles.
As humans confront them, some hide, some fight, and they take various actions to escape and flee from the threat.
Is there hope waiting for them ahead?

楽園侵触 Island of the dead, Rakuen Shinshoku: Island of the Dead, 낙원침범 Island of the dead, Остров мертвых, Pulau Mati, भारतीय भाषा में अनुवाद करें: मृत्यु का द्वीप

Sazanami Soushi ni Junketsu wo Sasagu

Studio Hokiboshi
? episodes · ONA Ongoing I give my virginity to Soushi Sazanami. Now, let's take our time to love her., 漣蒼士に純潔を捧ぐ

He bared his beautiful tattoos and showered her with love… She thought it was just a one-night dream…
Shy office worker Nagisa meets a mysterious yakuza named Rensou while on a trip. He asks her to pretend to be his wife for just one night, and she takes his hand. Moved by his gentlemanly treatment of her, she makes a certain decision…
Exposed raw passion from a gentlemanly man. If she melts in his intense yet gentle embrace…!
A passionate and dramatic love story between a seductive yakuza and a virgin with no self-confidence!

漣蒼士に純潔を捧ぐ, Sazanami Soushi ni Junketsu wo Sasagu,사자나미 소우지에게 순결을 바치다,Sazanami Souji ni Junketsu o Sasagu,I give my virginity to Soushi Sazanami. Now let’s take our time to love her., 漣蒼士に純潔を捧ぐ

Tsurupeta Shugo Kishi Elfina Ochiru

Queen Bee
2 episodes · OVA Ongoing つるぺた守護騎士 エルフィナ堕ちる

The Knight’s oath – The lord’s orders are absolute. With no way to preserve her dignity as an elf, she continues to fall.

※This work uses In-Motion technology to create a world view that can only be experienced in comics.”

つるぺた守護騎士 エルフィナ堕ちる, Tsurupeta Shugo Kishi Elfina Ochiru