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Summer 1996

Advancer Tina

ARMS, Green Bunny
1 episodes · OVA Completed Advancer Tina, Best of Kitty #1 (2), アドバンサー・ティナ

Oahu is the year 3113. Tina Owen is surely an Advancer. Advancers are fearless explorers who venture to uncharted regions of space searching for habitable planets.

ut Tina carries a problem. She has to serve a 2000-year jail sentence for destroying a planet on a single such mission. Government entities has a proposition for Tina: if she travels to Omega-13 and realizes why a lot of Advancer parties have never returned, they simply could most likely deal with her sentence. Nevertheless the survival rate of Omega-13 is almost zero. What if Tina herself never returns?