Summer 2016

JK Bitch ni Shiboraretai

2 episodes · OVA Completed JKビッチに搾られたい

An ordinary high school student feels pressured to lose his virginity to Bitchko, a girl considered to be the school's prostitute. However, the boy's secret crush, Yariko—the most popular girl in school and a model—proposes the unexpected: she wishes to have sex with him, as she aspires to sleep with one hundred virgins. With such bizarre run-ins seeming endless, he starts fooling around with multiple female classmates, becoming the sexual icon for all the girls around him.

JKビッチに搾られたい♥, JK Bitch ni Shiboraretai, JK비치에 짜내고 싶다

Wife Overrun: Chigirarezuma

? episodes · Movie Completed 家内蹂躙 千切られ妻 下(モーションコミック版)

Survive revisits an outstanding genre – cuckoldry – together with the excellent art of MZ.
“F’ck my pregnant c*nt make me cum cause me to cum yeah deeper deeper DEEPER SPLIT ME OPEN…!”
My lady “Shizue” fell to the trap of devious “Fujimoto”.
All I possibly could do was watch her develop into his whore…
Now she’s putting on a birth show in front of her customers. Facing our very own son…

Wife Overrun: Chigirarezuma, 家内蹂躙 千切られ妻 下

Yui-chan to Inma! ~ Tasukete! Onii-chan~

2 episodes · Movie Completed ユイちゃんと淫魔!?~助けて!お兄ちゃんっ~(モーションコミック版)

“Hora Yui-chan’s raw pee dance-! If you don’t hold it early, Yui-chan will be transformed into a pervert in the neighborhood!” “Hey, stop for a moment!” …

Yui-chan, who is quiet but has a plump body that comes out when she comes out, is my cousin.
It was when Yui came to me who was in agony because she began to feel more than her cousin.
“I’m Succubus’Lilim’! Give me your semen ♪” ……? ?? ??
Yui-chan is obsessed with the devil who suddenly came and seduces me with a figure that can’t be seen.
To get rid of “Lilim” from Yui-chan’s body … Creampie to Yui-chan …! !! ??

Eat one grain and it’s delicious twice! A collection of CG images of erotic comics that change the consciousness of the circle “one-shot shooter”

ユイちゃんと淫魔!?~助けて!お兄ちゃんっ~, Yui-chan to Inma! ~ Tasukete! Onii-chan~, Yui and Incubus! ?? ~ Help! Onii-chan ~