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Summer 2018

Ane Chijo Max Heart

4 episodes · OVA Completed Ane Chijo Max Heart, あねちじょ☆マックスハート

Hentai is based on the eponymous ranobe authored by Tachibana Pan. The depraved story of brother and sister. Their first sex and first difficulties in life. More detailed description after the first series. Preliminary release date is 31 August 2018.

Gifted with beauty and intelligence, honor student, Kisaragi Sarasa, holds back her swelling desires and nosebleeds because day has finally come. Her younger brother, Kira, was admitted to the same school as her, and also to celebrate, she invited him to her room, preparing to provide him with her new. Not realizing this, he enters not suspecting a thing. In their see-through negligee, she jumps on him and stares him down together with her eyes brimming with lust and breasts showing.

Ane Chijo Max Heart, あねちじょ♥マックスハート, Nymphomaniac sister, Сестра-нимфоманка, 치녀누나 맥스하트, Ane Chijo♥Max Heart

Daisuki na Mama

2 episodes · OVA Completed Loving Mother, 大好きな母

Miyuki tries to be the best mother she can for her son, she tries every day to be the shining example of a good mom for her son Yutaka. Yutaka has a friend named Masato who doesn't have the same idea of a good mom in his head and one day makes a move on her…

Taking her at home in the kitchen, in the bathroom, and even while her son is sleeping right next to them, he claims her as his own… Until one day, she is bound and blindfolded and once her blindfold is removed she is shocked to see it is her son that is having sex with her! What kind of horrible mother has she become…?

大好きな母[ママ], Daisuki na Mama, 最喜欢的妈妈, Beloved Mother, Daisuki na Haha, 좋아하는 마마

Elf no Oshiego to Sensei

Flavors Soft
2 episodes · OVA Completed JK Elf to Kimi no Sensei., エルフの教え子と先生

Hentai tells the story of an alternative reality, where people and elves began to learn together in common schools and universities. Hiroki is a University student with a mixed education, where mostly high elves study and teach. His favorite teacher Lara is an incredibly sexy elf with huge heavy Tits and long Golden hair. He has long been in love with her and suddenly he had a chance to have sex with her…

エルフの教え子と先生, Elf no Oshiego to Sensei, Elf Student and Teacher, 엘프제자와 선생님

Hasande Ageru

Queen Bee
2 episodes · OVA Completed はさんであげる

Based on hentai doujinshi manga “HA N SA DE A GE EN” authored Chirumakuro. Tankabon consists of several unrelated stories. – Hasan de Ageru – はさんであげる – Hasande Ageru

Part 1: “Go buy me lunch at the bakery!” She yelled at her classmate. Sheepishly he agreed but said she was being a bit harsh and his classmate agreed. Little did everyone know that this was just an excuse for them to meet up in the bathroom for extracuricular activities and so that he would stop masturbating in the classroom…

Part 2: My girlfriend has a sweet tooth…and after she has her fill she tries to use me as a tool to burn off calories…by having sex… I’m starting to get a little worn out from the constant daily sessions…

はさんであげる, Hasande Ageru, Hasan de Ageru, 끼워줄께

Joshiochi!: 2-kai kara Onnanoko ga… Futtekita!?

9 episodes · ONA Completed What She Fell on Was the Tip of My Dick, Joshi Ochi! A Girl Fell from the 2nd Floor, じょしおちっ!~2階から女の子が…降ってきた!?~

* Based on Hato Konro’s slapstick adult manga.

Aikawa Sousuke is an part-time worker who lives in a run-down apartment. One day he hears a creaking sound from his ceiling, and suddenly the resident of the apartment above his, Unyuu Sunao, falls through a hole that appears in his ceiling onto his bed. Thus starts Sousuke and Sunao’s comical life of living together.

じょしおちっ! ~2階から女の子が… 降ってきた!?~, Joshi Ochi! 2-kai kara Onnanoko ga… Futte Kita!?, 천장에서 떨어진 그녀 ~ 2층에서 여자가… 떨어졌다!?, Joshi Ochi! 2-kai kara Onnanoko ga… Futte Kita – Falling Girls! A Girl Comes… Falling from the Second Floor, Joshiochi! A Girl Fell From The 2nd Floor, joshi ochi

Kunoichi Botan

2 episodes · ONA Completed くの一牡丹

One night in a merchant’s mansion, a kunoichi (female ninja) named Yasuzu
is violated by a group of men under the effect of “Aura of Ogre”, called “Demi-Ogre”.
Although she had kept her virginity, the Demi-Ogres keeps sexually tormenting Yasuzu.
Now the only thing Yasuzu can think about is her senior kunoichi Botan who she has longed for.

At that time, Botan is sneaking into the merchant’s mansion. Together with two of “herselves”
which she created by her signature art of ninja “Kagebunshin”, she beats watchmen down.
There comes, however, the merchant carrying Yasuzu who has totally been screwed up.
Botan and two of herselves get caught by Demi-Ogres in an off-guard moment…

くの一牡丹, Kunoichi Botan, Female Ninja Botan, くのいち牡丹, 쿠노이치 보탄

Muchi Muchi Kyousei Seichouchuu!!!

2 episodes · ONA Completed むち無知ッ強制成長中っ!!!

Hentai anime adaptation of the manga ” Muchi Muchi Kyousei Seichouchuu!!! / むち無知ッ強制成長中っ!!!”authored by Maron ☆ Maron (koto) was announced by Selfish Studio.

The protagonist of the story works in the” garden”, which is visited by absolutely adult students with very impressive forms. Girls like in any magical girl made a “henshin” and grown up and incredibly sexy. But what are they doing here? Where they came from? Why do they come here to have sex? And why is this place called “garden”?

むち無知ッ強制成長中っ!!!, Muchi Muchi Kyousei Seichouchuu!!!, Dumb girls in puberty!!!, Plump, Innocent, and Forcibly Grown Up!!!, 무지무지 강제 성장 중

Na Bbeun Sang Sa

Next Story
1 episodes · Movie Completed Bad Boss, 나쁜상사

* Based on the Korean Mahwa Na Bbeun Sang Sa, published by Lezhin Comics.

Na Bbeun Sang Sa follows the revenge story of a rich and charismatic account executive. Kwon Seung Kyu used to work as a gigolo to earn money, but he’s made a fresh start as an elite worker and now hides his dark past. At his workplace, he happens to meet new joiner Kim Min, who ruined his life in the past. Seung Kyu sees it as a chance to retaliate – by seducing Min’s crush Young Jo and destroying his life. Knowing that Young Jo has never dated anyone, Min becomes worried about her as she falls head over heels for Seung Kyu.

나쁜상사, Na Bbeun Sang Sa, Bad Boss

Niizuma Koyomi The Animation

1 episodes · OVA Completed 新妻こよみ THE ANIMATION

Souchiro graduated from the University of art, but still has not found his calling in any case. However, shortly after talking to his teacher, he noticed a graceful vase that had completely conquered his mind. Soshiro learned the name of the author of this vase and decided to never become a master. He goes to a small Prefecture near Tokyo located in a rural area, where according to legend, lives the mysterious author of the vase. This move will be the crucial, Souchiro – he meets his future wife and many beautiful mistresses…

新妻こよみ THE ANIMATION, Niizuma Koyomi The Animation, New Wife Calendar The Animation, Niiduma Koyomi, 새댁 코요미

Nuresuke JK Ameyadori Rape

2 episodes · OVA Completed Nuresuke J* Ameyadori R*pe, Sopping Wet JK Rainy R*peover

It was an ordinary summer Sunny day, one of the many routine days in the life of a simple office worker of middle age. However, a sudden downpour and a fatal meeting with a sexual student completely changed his life. He couldn’t control himself, his body moved and he raped her…

濡れ透けJ○ 雨宿りレ×プ, Nuresuke JK Ameyadori Rape, Sopping Wet JK Rainy Rapeover, Nuresuke J* Amayadori Rape, 젖은 JK 비피하며 레이프, Nuresuke J* Ameyadori R*pe, Nuresuke JK Amayadori Rape, Nuresuke JK Ameyadori Rape, 젖은 JK 비오는 강간


Queen Bee
2 episodes · OVA Completed Tinderbox

Studio Queen Bee announced a film adaptation of the manga Tinderbox authored by Monorino /リリノ. The manga consists of several separate and unrelated stories. The “Scorched Girl Part 1 / Part 2″arch will be screened. The main character is a girl named Karina kaRina, who agreed to become a Nude model. More accurate and detailed description after the release of hentai.

Tinderbox, 틴더박스