Winter 2013

Kansen: Ball Buster The Animation

MS Pictures
1 episodes · Movie Completed 姦染 Ball Buster The Animation

The action takes place on the same day and that 3 part series. Can a helpless person to save everyone he loves? People began to forget about his past, but it’s time to remind them who they were. The virus continues to rage, turning its victims into red-eyed zombies obsessed with sex only. Our protagonist tries to save his childhood friend and sister from this virus, but is it that simple?



Kanse: Ball Buster The Animation, Invasion of the Ball Busters, 姦染 Ball Buster The Animation, 간염:Ball Buster


Tenioha!: Onnanoko datte Honto wa Ecchi da yo?

Rabbit Gate
2 episodes · OVA Completed てにおはっ! ~女の子だってホントはえっちだよ?~

Izumi, Hiroto in love with his classmate Himekawa AMI. Through secret channels he could get a picture of her in a swimsuit. Farewell lonely evenings! Now what will take your hands! Also, the hero learned that the girl is in the Club culture lovers and best friend invited him to join. Of course, this chance should not be missed. But here’s the surprise, the club made up some more beautiful girls. Hiroto reluctantly decides to follow his dream and secretly spying on Amy. He once again lucky – he sees a girl panties… but Amy saw where he was looking. Subsequent phrase was quite unexpected:

“Hiroto-kun… would you like to have sex tonight?” Heart was ready to burst out of my chest, finally fulfilled his dream but what kind of suspicious looks from other girls?”Wouldn’t happen if I’m nice to them?..”

てにおはっ! ~女の子だってホントはえっちだよ?~, Tenioha! Onnanoko datte Honto wa Ecchi Da yo?, 테니오하! 여자아이가 분명 진짜 야하다구요?, 테니오핫,てにおはっ!