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Winter 2017

Jitaku Keibiin

Suzuki Mirano
4 episodes · OVA Completed 自宅警備員

He is a private home security officer with 20 years of military experience. Exceptionally trained in technology and intelligence gathering, he perceives and records the smallest of details of the home to which he is dispatched.

His new assignment is directly from his father, Takao Kareki. He must look after his father’s new lover, a potential bride. Nothing but the best professional will do to keep her safe. But in her home, he sees all.

Jitaku Keibiin, 自宅警備員, Home Security Officer, 자택 경비원, Homeguard

SASECO Card Itsu demo Doko demo Dare to demo Okumade Okashite Sokuhame Charge

1 episodes · Movie Completed SASECOカード いつでもどこでも誰とでも奥まで犯して即ハメチャージ!(モーションコミック版)

The IC card of dreams, that allows f’ck whoever you would like.
Introducing the SASECO Card.
Easy to use. Charge it with cash in the terminal. Done.
Show your card to the girl that you pick and she or he will do whatever you want.
The cash is going to be conveniently debited from your card, hassle free!
Only 5 were ever produced… and lucky you, just happened to get one of ’em.
Money? Not an issue. It’s already brimming with $$$ due to the old folks.
Ready to get out of the basement and have some fun? Now in MOTION!

SASECOカード いつでもどこでも誰とでも奥まで犯して即ハメチャージ!, SASECO Card Itsu demo Doko demo Dare to demo Okumade Okashite Sokuhame Charge, SASECO kādo itsu demo doko demo dare to demo okumade okashite soku hamechāji,

Shikkoku no Shaga The Animation

3 episodes · OVA Completed 漆黒のシャガ THE ANIMATION

Studio “pinkpineapple” announced his new work called “THE Amsterdam-based shaga next generation better no ANIMATION”.

Hentai filmed the popular and talented Director Takashi Nishikawa (Rance 01, Sei Yariman, Koikishi Purely Kiss). The story is set in the Heian period in a small village in the mountains “Beautiful leaf”.

漆黒のシャガ THE ANIMATION, Shikkoku no Shaga The Animation, Jet Black Shaga The Animation, Shaga of Jet Black the Animation, 칠흑의 샤가