Winter 2020

Aisei Tenshi Love Mary: Akusei Jutai The Animation

Studio 1st
2 episodes · OVA Completed 愛聖天使ラブメアリー ~悪性受胎~ THE ANIMATION

Studio PinkPineapple announced hentai anime adaptation “Aisi Tenshi Love Mary =Akusei Jutai= the Animation”, which is based on the manga of the same name by Satou Kuuki.  “My name is Akari Asahina and I was a completely ordinary student, a little scattered, but absolutely nothing stands out among the gray mass of the same students. It used to be… About a month ago, I received an incredible power that changed my usual life …


Studio Hokiboshi
8 episodes · TV Completed おーばーふろぉ

Studio ” Houkiboshi(Yubisaki kara Honkino Netsujou: Osananajimi wa Shouboushi) “announced a hentai anime adaptation of the manga” Overflow ~Iretara Afureru Shimai no Kimochi~ ” from a fairly well-known author Kaiduka.

The main character of the story is an ordinary College student Suda Kazushi, who lives in an apartment building next to the Shirakawa family. Kotone and Ayane have been friends with our hero since childhood and perceive him as their older brother. Therefore it is not surprising that the sisters constantly live in sudo’s apartment and periodically arrange all sorts of depraved adventures for Him!


Pretending Love (Motion Comic Version)

1 episodes · Movie Completed 恋愛ごっこ モーションコミック版

Meet slutty schoolgirl Minami and her little sister Izumi.
Izumi wants to be just like her sister — a real whore.
So today, she’s back at it again, playing lovers with an older guy.
He gives her sweets and they go on a date, and then they just talk.
Well, that was the plan, anyway… this time things go a bit differently…
But hey, she’s making that money!