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Winter 2022/23

3 Piece The Animation

Studio 1st
? episodes · Movie Upcoming スリーピース THE ANIMATION

3 Piece The Animation is a new work by pink pineapple studio released in January 2023. Hentai is based on the manga of the same name authored by Nanao, in 2019, hentai Master Piece The Animation / Unsurpassed was released based on it. This time, the main character will be the milf of the World Tsuakihara. She is the mother of two twins Yuna and Nina, who were the main characters of the previous hentai anime. In “3 Piece The Animation” Mira will appear in all her glory and in many different sexy outfits and erotic situations – in a maid costume, tight bloomers and even in a yukata.

スリーピース THE ANIMATION, 3 Piece The Animation

Aoharu Snatch

Queen Bee
? episodes · OVA Ongoing アオハルスナッチ

Due to a shortage of members, the literature club is facing the threat of disbandment. The club president, Shiori Sakara, mistakes three students who were in the club room for an empty room and manages to prevent the disbandment by recruiting them as new members. At first, they teased her by using vulgar language and showing her pornographic material. However, things escalated quickly, and she was sexually harassed and then raped by one of the new members. The other two members entered the room but instead of helping her, they joined in and she was ultimately gang-raped by all three of them. The incident was captured on camera, and she was blackmailed into becoming a sex slave under the guise of being a member of the literature club. She endured the constant abuse and humiliation from the three members under the pretext of being a part of the club. A new member named Makoto Shinjima joined the club, but he is unaware of the dark reality of what has been happening in the club.

アオハルスナッチ, Aoharu Snatch

Bonyuu-chan wa Dashitai.

4 episodes · OVA Ongoing 母乳ちゃんは射したい。

Tomomi Sakurazawa is the student council president who is good looking and has excellent grades. She had a secret that she was born with breast milk. In order to help a school girl who can’t stop breastfeeding from her vulgar breasts, let her drink sperm and secrete a large amount of breast milk hormone! A dreamy breast milk sex activity that squeezes out breast milk with milking sex begins!

母乳ちゃんは射したい., Bonyuu-chan wa Dashitai,OVA 母乳ちゃんは射したい.,OVA Bonyuu-chan wa Dashitai.

Class de Otoko wa Boku Ichinin!?

? episodes · OVA Upcoming クラスで男は僕一人!?

A timid herbivorous boy becomes a carnivorous gal’s sex toy! A complete animation of the popular doujin of the circle “Neyagurui”!
Machida transferred to a school that was an all-girls school until last year due to her parents’ circumstances.
When I go to school, I feel uneasy because there are many girls around me, but in my class, I am targeted by Rio, a pure blonde white gal, and Mao, a carnivorous bitch brown gal.
Machida, who was trembling with his first pleasure when his chest was pressed against him and caressed his crotch from the top of his pants, was taken to an unmanned infirmary in a caring manner.

OVA クラスで男は僕一人!?, OVA Class de Otoko wa Boku Hitori!?

Imouto wa Gal Kawaii

New Generation
? episodes · OVA Upcoming いもうとはGALかわいい

GAL sister can make anything come true Shohei Shindo has a sister-in-law when his father remarries. That little sister is Rino Mizusawa. Her appearance was GAL itself with blonde hair, piercings, and a miniskirt. Shohei, who has an otaku hobby, and Rino, who speaks the GAL language, should never have any contact, but they end up living under one roof as a family. Even if Shohei sees Rino wearing only a bath towel, she doesn’t mind and treats Shohei as her brother and sister in a friendly manner. Shohei, who thought that it was her sister who was shy and spoiled, felt that living with GAL would be difficult. However, it turns out that Rino also has the same otaku hobby as Shohei, and her communication begins to go well. One day in such a situation, she ends up alone with Rino in the bathroom. Her sister’s body looks attractive partly because the distance is close in a closed room. Shohei put his own lips on his sister’s lips as if they were attracted to him.

いもうとはGALかわいい, Imouto wa Gal Kawaii

Isekai Kita node Sukebe Skill de Zenryoku Ouka Shiyou to Omou The Animation

? episodes · OVA Ongoing 異世界来たのでスケベスキルで全力謳歌しようと思う THE ANIMATION

Isekai Kita node Sukebe Skill by Zenryoku Ouka Shiyou to Omou tells the story of a virgin boy, Tatsuo, who masturbates all day while dreaming of the perfect cock that could satisfy a woman with just his appearance. After another orgasm, he is suddenly teleported to another world, and he wakes up lying on the lap of a girl who turns out to be a goddess. She informs him that she can grant one of his wishes before sending him to another world and then he asks him to have the perfect cock, with great strength and different abilities, which could satisfy any girl and make them so addicted, so that they can no longer live without him, and thereby, thanks to this, he will build his ideal harem. The goddess fulfills his, albeit ridiculous, desire, after which he suddenly grows another member in addition to the already existing one and she asks him, as the chosen one, to use his new powers to defeat evil in this world. Although after the resulting goddess scoffs at this, considering it some kind of ugliness, the guy is delighted and instead of immediately going on adventures in another world, he first decides to honor the goddess to become the first to taste his members, even against her will.

異世界来たのでスケベスキルで全力謳歌しようと思う THE ANIMATION, Isekai Kita node Sukebe Skill de Zenryoku Ouka Shiyou to Omou The Animation, 既然来了异世界就用色批技能来全力讴歌, In a DIFFERENT WORLD, try all my might to enjoy it with my Erotic Skills

Koumi-jima Shuu 7 de Umeru Mesu-tachi

2 episodes · OVA Completed 子産み島 ~週7で産めるメスたち~

Isn’t a daughter who is easy to get pregnant erotic?
Isn’t a woman (female) erotic who can be impregnated again the next day after getting pregnant?
That popular CG illustration collection with over 95,000 downloads in FANZA doujin.

Original: “An Aomizu “Kobamijima ~ Females who give birth in 7 weeks ~” is fully animated! !

Majo wa Kekkyoku Sono Kyaku to… The Animation

Studio 1st
? episodes · OVA Upcoming 魔女は結局その客と... THE ANIMATION

This is the fortune-telling house “Mojimoji House” run by the apprentice witch Magical Mojikawa. Ms. Characterkawa’s fortune-telling is a prediction of the future using magical power, and it hits very well. One day, she even predicts the future of her love affair, which she herself is involved in… A witch with nice breasts and a customer Leo who is obsessed with Ms. Characterkawa’s Shota Eros! Even if I refuse, I end up getting caught up in the whirlpool of pleasure in Leo’s escalating desires. . .

魔女は結局その客と… THE ANIMATION, Majo wa Kekkyoku Sono Kyaku to… The Animation

Mama Katsu: Midareru Mama-tachi no Himitsu

? episodes · OVA Ongoing ママ喝っ

The protagonist of hentai Yoshi-kun meets his older brother’s wife Kyoko-san. The hero is fascinated by the beauty of Kyoko and by all means he decides to fuck her. Just at this time, the brother leaves on a business trip and our hero decides to act. Yoshi’s girlfriend Momona decides to help with Kyoko’s seduction and they all go to a love hotel together.

ママ喝っ ~乱れるママたちのヒミツ~, Mama Katsu: Midareru Mama-tachi no Himitsu, 妈妈活

Otogibanashi no Onigokko

? episodes · OVA Ongoing おとぎばなしの鬼ごっこ

It’s a story that everyone knows. Blanchett, a pretty girl in a red hood, goes to the woods to visit her sick old woman. However, there was a rumor that there was a ferocious wolf in that forest. “Are you Mr. Wolf? ” She rubs her cock against an innocent girl and transforms her innocent body into a female. Her girl’s nightmare never ends. Chased by her attacking tentacles and crazed hunters, she soon learns the taste of her pleasure. This is a story that everyone knows. However, only you know the outcome… When I play with her big breasts that don’t match her petite physique, I can see her obscene face from under her red hood. You’ve already grown into a complete ○○, haven’t you?

おとぎばなしの鬼ごっこ, Otogibanashi no Onigokko

Roshutsu-kei Mahou Joshi Daisei Christhea

? episodes · OVA Completed 露出系魔法女子大生クリスティア

Roshutsu-Kei Mahou Joshi Daisei Christhea is an adaptation of the original visual novel by 4H. Hentai will be released at the end of December 2022. The plot revolves around a shy girl named Touki. She is in college and dreams of making friends and a boyfriend. However, this dream did not come true. Kokoha’s cheeky childhood friend brazenly interferes with Touka’s plans. She tells her that she is not just some kind of hooligan, but a real magical girl, like in shoujo manga. Kokoha cannot fully experience shame, and this is a very important source of strength for a sorceress. Touka must help her in “producing” this arcane energy so that her secrets will not be betrayed by a bully. A series of shameful masochistic and vulgar acts awaits our heroine…

露出系魔法女子大生クリスティア, Roshutsu-kei Mahou Joshidaisei Christhea, 露出系女大学生克莉丝提亚

Showtime! Uta no Oneesan datte Shitai 2

Rabbit Gate
? episodes · ONA Upcoming しょうたいむ!~歌のお姉さんだってしたい

Second season of Showtime! Uta no Oneesan datte Shitai.

“He’s Uta’s older sister, but I like him…”
With Minami, who is active as a singing sister,
Shoji, a single father who started dating.
As a children’s idol, he’s a secret, but
As long as the two of them were alone, he felt the joy of being in love as a man and a woman.
However, to the two who continue their secret relationship,
Finally, the eyes of the scandal are directed…!?
An adult love story with a singing sister,
Season 2 has started!

しょうたいむ! ~歌のお姉さんだってしたい~ 2,Showtime! Uta no Onee-san Datte Shitai 2

Yari Agari

? episodes · OVA Ongoing ヤリ上がり

Beautiful girl JK Ichika, teacher Shinji, and younger sister Serina are childhood friends. However, the relationship is estranged due to a certain incident. Before I knew it, Serina and her faction had been openly bullying Ichika for a long time… that’s what you wanted, wasn’t it? I will never forgive her… When Ichika apologizes and offers to reconcile with her, Serina flatly refuses . Ichika wasn’t discouraged by the gradually escalating act of staring at her, and was just looking for a story to do something about… What is it? , Staring at the video sent from the voyeur camera installed near Serina’s room…

ヤリ上がり, Yari Agari