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Winter 2023/24

69: Itsuwari no Bishou

Tente Moten
? episodes · OVA Ongoing 69~偽りの微笑~

Aoi Midori, an outstanding student with a reserved personality and a charming smile, faces a sudden drop in her grades due to an error in the recent exam results. Despite her efforts to maintain her image, she becomes desperate in the situation. Aoi devises a plan to fix the problem, but her teacher, Izumi Kuwabara, who is rumored to be a bitch, stands in her way. Midori tries to blackmail her with a sex tape of her fiancé, but Izumi does not fall for his provocations and rapes Midori.

69~偽りの微笑~, 69: Itsuwari no Bishou, 69: Itsuwari no Bishō, 69: Itsuwari no Hohoe, 69~False smile~

Ateuma Chara no Kuse shite, Super Darling Ouji ni Chouai sareteimasu.

Studio Hokiboshi
? episodes · ONA Ongoing The Perfect Prince Loves Me, the Side Character?!, AteKuse, 当て馬キャラのくせして、 スパダリ王子に寵愛されています。

Side Character — Unimportant. Constantly getting in the way of the main characters’ love story.
After finding himself reincarnated into the world of a novel, Loneal goes to great lengths to steer clear of Prince Alec, the hero, to avoid disrupting the main storyline between Alec and the heroine, Lily. However, to Loneal’s great surprise, the prince becomes infatuated with…him?!
“A charming physique, such as yours, more than makes up for your lack of experience.”
Before he knows it, he finds himself melting into the prince’s arms… Why is everything so different from the novel?!

当て馬キャラのくせして, スパダリ王子に寵愛されています., Ateuma Chara no Kuse shite, Super Darling Ouji ni Chouai sareteimasu., The Perfect Prince Loves Me the Side Character?!, The Perfect Prince Loves Me His Rival?!, Le prince parfait m’aime moi son rival!?

Fleur The Animation

Studio 1st
? episodes · OVA Ongoing フルール THE ANIMATION

Shinonome-san, my editor-in-chief, is diligent and kind, often going above and beyond to take care of things. Even though I know I shouldn’t look at her in a sexual way, I can’t help but indulge in erotic fantasies. While I was showering, I start masturbating while fantasizing about her, and when I started to ejaculate, Shinonome-san was in front of me completely sprayed with my semen. This is how my relationship with a sexy editor who wears glasses begins.

To gather references for a new erotic manga, Shinonome-san agrees to play the role of a young wife. She calls me “Master” while doing housework wearing an apron while naked, but this sensual situation causes me to get an involuntary erection. When Shinonome-san realizes what she has just stirred up, she seems to be willing to have conjugal sex with me.

フルール THE ANIMATION, Fleur The Animation

Isekai Onsen Paradise

BloomZ, Wolfsbane
? episodes · TV Ongoing Isekai Onsen Paradise, Meitou "Isekai no Yu" Kaitakuki: Arafoo 40 Onsen Mania no Tensei Saki wa, Nonbiri Onsen Tengoku deshita, Isekai Onsen Paradise, 名湯『異世界の湯』開拓記 ~アラフォー温泉マニアの転生先は、のんびり温泉天国でした~

Kouzou Yukawa is a passionate hot springs enthusiast—a hot springs hunter who was able to sniff out the source of springs. One day, while searching for a hidden hot spring to revitalize a town, he slips off a cliff and dies. He is then reincarnated into another world by an Inari deity of a small shrine hidden in the rocks. Kouzou is joined by Inari's messenger princess, Mayudama. The hot spring hunter within Kouzou is stirred right away, as he takes a bath with Mayudama in the hot spring he just discovered. Then, an elf girl appears…

名湯『異世界の湯』開拓記 ~アラフォー温泉マニアの転生先は, のんびり温泉天国でした~, Meitou “Isekai no Yu” Kaitaku-ki: Arafou Onsen Mania no Tensei Saki wa, Nonbiri Onsen Tengoku Deshita, Isekai Onsen Paradise, 人气温泉『异世界温泉』开拓记 ~40岁左右的温泉爱好者转世到了悠闲的温泉天堂~, Pioneer Log of the Storied Hot Springs “Alternate World`s Springs”, Pioneer Log of the Storied Hot Springs “Alternate World`s Springs”: The Reincarnation Destination of an Onsen Fan (Who`s Around 40) Was a Relaxing Hot Spring Paradise

Kotowarenai Haha

Blue bread
? episodes · OVA Upcoming 断れない母

Yuta is at his friend Kosuke’s house to watch porn movies, but his private party is interrupted by Shiori, Kosuke’s mother, who was not supposed to be home that day. Later, Shiori slips down the stairs but is saved by Yuta, who injures both arms in the process. Feeling guilty for what happened to her son’s friend, Shiori takes care of Yuta until his arms heal. She not only pampers him and feeds him but also takes care of his sexual desires.
After Shiori masturbates Yuta using her body, she awakens her lust and can’t stop thinking about having real sex with him.

断れない母, Kotowarenai Haha

Mitasarete Mezameru Asa ni, Jimi na Choushoku wo The Animation

1 episodes · OVA Ongoing 満たされて目覚める朝に、地味な朝食を The Animation

Koutarou and Sayaka, who were both dumped by their lovers, meet at a class reunion, and end up spending the night together at Koutarou’s house.
The two have polar opposite views on love and personalities, but their physical chemistry is outstanding, and they spend a night connecting both body and mind.

満たされて目覚める朝に, 地味な朝食を The Animation, Mitasarete Mezameru Asa ni, Jimi na Choushoku wo The Animation

Modaete yo, Adam-kun

Studio Houkiboshi
? episodes · OVA Ongoing 悶えてよ, アダムくん

“Why do you have an erection…? You’re sneaky.”
In a world where all humans have suffered from ED due to a pandemic, Kazuki, a male student, is the only special person who has escaped ED. In order to keep the secret, he transferred to a harem school full of women!? A kind and friendly senior, a frustrated female teacher, the school’s prince, the daughter of a wealthy family, and more.
What will Kazuki, who can captivate any woman, choose?

悶えてよ, アダムくん, Modaete yo, Adam-kun

No Waifu No Life!

Blue bread
? episodes · OVA Upcoming NO 猥婦 NO LIFE!

Owner’s Wife
The newlyweds had found a new house and went to greet their landlord, only to find that Murai, a former volleyball coach, had taken over the family business. Marin Momodate (maiden name) had bitter memories of Murai from her school days, and just as she was trying to avoid him as much as possible, she found him when she returned home after leaving the company on a long career break. Masashi, her husband, was put to sleep and the space was now just the two of them. The coach and she were sexfriends, and he rubs her tits as if it were a matter of course. Marin tries to refuse, but the past comes back to her, and she can’t forget Murai’s stubby, middle-aged body. Marin becomes addicted to each of his techniques, and her feelings gradually shift to becoming Murai’s female toilet.

Mama to Tanetsuke no Su
A mother continues to seduce her son, Yuri, with tongue kisses every day. When they were running out of patience with the excessive skinship, Hiroki, a friend of Yuri, came to visit them. Her husband is away on a long business trip, and the mother, frustrated, masturbates in her room. Hiroki happened to catch her in the act, and he threatened her to tell Yuri about it. It’s a mother who allowed everything to Hiroki as she was told.

Shunka Shuutou

? episodes · OVA Upcoming 旬花蒐陶

Miharu Aragaki is an exemplary and very kind high school student who constantly receives love confessions, which she instantly rejects. However, her gentle personality is actually a facade because she has a hidden personality.
Currently, Miharu worried because she’s being harassed by someone. Due to her problem, she seeks help from Shiki Sasahara, the school counselor. He knows Miharu’s true personality, and she has no choice but to have sex with Shiki so that he will assist her.

旬花蒐陶, Shunka Shuutou


? episodes · OVA Upcoming シニシスタ

Based on the erotic doujin game by Uu (ウー).

This is a story featuring Rabiane, a Sister sent by the Church to exorcise monsters in a cursed land. The story is centered on themes of masochistic tendencies, yearning for death, as well as despair at being attacked by terrifying beings.

シニシスタ, SiNiSistar

Yuusha-hime Miria

? episodes · OVA Upcoming 勇者姫ミリア, サークル☆フェアリーフラワー, Brave Princess Miria, Heroic Princess Milia

Based on the erotic doujin game by Circle ☆ Fairy Flower (サークル☆フェアリーフラワー).

My name is Milia. I’m the princess of the kingdom, and I was given the title of hero from the heavens! Well, the title of hero was actually supposed to be given to the son of the king who took me in, but I got pissed off…, so I took it away from him☆ And by the way, I had him executed for being a loony☆ I’m going to die for being so useful to this cute little me, so I won’t have any regrets, right?♪ I’ve grown up and become a great hero, but lately something’s been strange. “Do you want to see my pants? That’s how normal it is. Why don’t you look at it as much as you like?” What is this!? What is this!? What’s going on!? I am the most beautiful, strongest, invincible, and brave princess! I’m supposed to be…, What’s going on? I’m getting naughty all over the place, aren’t I?

勇者姫ミリア, Yuusha-hime Miria, サークル☆フェアリーフラワー,Brave Princess Miria,Heroic Princess Milia