Haji+ Shinchishin, Episode 2 Previews

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ハヂ+ ~羞チ心~ / Haji+ Shinchishin

#2. ~庇い晒す生真面目ノーパンチア~ / ~ Kabai Sarasu Kimajime Nopanchia ~

Haji+ Shinchishin, Episode 2 Previews

Mina secretly exposed her embarrassing appearance to Taiki as she was told to do so because she was forced into an impossible situation.
She was trembling continuously, and the foreign object pressed against her crotch stiffened her body, but she kept feigning composure so as not to find out…
She was Mika Takamine, a serious (black-hearted) beautiful girl who sensitively sensed the change in her best friend and tried to take measures to get ahead of her.
Ah, um… Takamine-san, is it really okay?
In front of the bewildered teacher, there was a figure of Mika sitting alone in a cheerleader uniform in a uniformed class…
Yes, it’s okay because her uniform got dirty and this was the only change of clothes she had.
The teacher has nothing more to say to Mika who answers resolutely. However, for the boys around him, it was an incredibly delicious event.
Vacation time. Male students gather around her out of curiosity.
Mika is exposed to shame after being hit with obscene words…
She desperately endured it, but she couldn’t endure it and tried to run away.In front of her was a wall of male students…

Haji+ Shinchishin, Episode 2 Previews


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