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Enjo Kouhai, Episode 9 Previews

OVA RAW RAW Released on May 20, 2024 · ? views · Posted by Suribe Yaneri · series Enjo Kouhai

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○○交配 / Enjo Kouhai

#9. 歌って踊って○○○○する彼女たちは人魚のアイドル | Utatte odotte suru kanojotachi ha ningyo no aidoru | These girls who sing, dance, and ○○○○ are mermaid idols.

Enjo Kouhai, Episode 9 Previews

Ark Academy was chosen as a model case for an interracial school.
At the request of Erio, a mermaid enrolled at the school, a teacher came to provide one-day “assistance” to her idol group, Aquamarina, but …….
I’m sorry, Coach. I know I said it was only for one day, but ……”
The teacher is a teacher who comes to “Aquamarina,” a group of idols she belongs to, to “help out” for a day, but she’s only there for one day!
The brown gal idol, Era, boasts of her big tits.
Elsie is a natural, loose-fitting idol.
And Erio, who is a slender and delicate girl who tries her best to spoil you with her body.
The teacher, who spends his days immersed in ○○○○ with the three beautiful idols, is deceived by the mermaid’s singing voice, and his reason is melted. ……
The bus tour where you can have sex with three active mermaid idols from morning till night.
Launching Alley! The bus is shaking even when it’s stopped.

Enjo Kouhai, Episode 9 Previews

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